AUS-10 Japanese Steel


Kenshingen 謙信玄 uses only Japanese AUS-10 steel, which is produced exclusively by Aichi Steel, an 80 year old, world renowned steel producer in the Japanese city of Tokai. Characterized by its extremely high carbon content, Japanese AUS-10 steel is preferred by experts to the lessor Damascus Steel, which is prone to voids, cracks, and delamination.

Japanese AUS-10 is an expensive, but high quality steel, used in the creation of lightweight but durable, razor-sharp blades that have resistance to wear and tear. It is not prone to rust, but a protective patina may form on the blade. This is normal, and the blade does not need to be sharpened frequently. Japanese AUS-10 is widely considered one of the finest steels in the world, and it is the only metal used in premium quality Kenshingen 謙信玄 knives.