Shingen Petty Knife

$249 $129

The Shingen Petty Knife is forged from the finest AUS-10 Japanese Steel and perfected carefully in the centuries old traditions of Japanese craftsmanship to insure a lightweight, perfect balance.     

    • 7 inch blade with laser engraving
    • 100% AUS-10 Japanese Steel
    • Durable and lightweight Maple handle
    • Ebony Wood collar 
FREE Bonus with Purchase:
    • Solid Maple 'Saya' blade sheath with caligrapher's stamp
    • Traditional red decorative storage box made of 100% handmade Japanese Washi paper
    • Official Kenshingen 謙信玄 Certificate of Authenticity on parchment paper  
* Resale prohibited * 
* Strictly enforced limit of three knives per customer *

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