the only two knives a chef needs

A chef only needs two knives to accomplish all tasks performed in a kitchen: A Santoku and a Petty. 

Santoku translates to "three uses," which refers to: slicing, dicing, and mincing. This is an all-purpose knife, sometimes referred to as a 'Chef's Knife.' For delicate work, such as paring produce, fish, and small fruits and vegetables, the shorter bladed Petty Knife is ideal.

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AUS-10 Japanese Steel

forged for precision

Kenshingen 謙信玄 knives are made with high carbon AUS-10 steel, produced for Kenshingen in Tōkai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. 

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maple and ebony

crafted for balance

To counterbalance the AUS-10 Japanese steel, all Kenshingen 謙信玄 knives are made with solid Maple handles and Ebony wood collars.

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